offline shopping

added a list of shops where you can buy the watches! ¥€$.

idle (13 days)

we are currently at ars electronica in linz, exporting to world. new orders will be processed when we're back. however, if you happen to be around you can actually get a realfakewatch or just say hi – we're at the second city shop, marienstrasse 4 (map).

away message

hello world! we, the operators of realfakewatches are on holiday till the 21th of august. any orders, questions and everything else will be proceeded when we are back.

before the laser-cutter

those are the first watches i made before i discovered the amazing lasercutter. even though they are really cock-eyed i think i like those the most, probably because they are pretty rough and unique.




the issue with paypal has been resolved – the login-screen will hopefully always appear in english from now on.

we apologize for any confusion that this has caused and we would like to encourage you to try again in case you got scared away before by tze german login.

custom times

yay! as i wanted from the very beginning of the idea you can choose the time your watch will say! this special feature you can find beneath all the watches – feel free to invent crazier times than our randomizer robot ever will!


just updated the site to the current version of drupal and did some maintenance work as well as adding some enhancements (more soon). please get in touch if you feel that something is acting funny.


welcome to realfakewatches. on this blog you will find information related to our watches as it appears. also check the feeds to see what blogs are saying about realfakewatches or to see photos from flickr.

thanks a lot to everyone who helped us with this project.

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